Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Local Students

How can I access the curriculum and handbook of the Faculty?

Click here to download the curriculum and handbook of the Faculty and for further student resources, check the “Downloads” section from the Menu.

What are the scholarships available for the students of the Faculty?

There are two scholarship schemes available for local undergraduates. The ‘Mahapola’ and bursary scholarships are awarded by the University Grants Commission and in the interim, another scholarship scheme is conducted by the Students’ Welfare Committee of the Faculty.

Those who fulfil the criteria are eligible to apply for a monthly stipend.

Click here to access the necessary information provided by the ‘Students Welfare Committee’ and for further inquiries.

What are the student support systems available?

In order to gather information on financial assistances provided by the Faculty, Click here for more information.

If in need of academic assistance, provision of Personal tutor scheme is at your disposal. Click here to access the information needed.

In case of requiring counselling and psychiatric support, see Counseling and Students Help Desk.

Furthermore, Grievances portal can be accessed as well for necessary assistance.

Are there any bank loans that are specifically intended for Faculty students?

Education loan schemes for medical students who are enrolled under government medical faculties are being carried out by many famed banks including Sampath Bank, Hatton National Bank (HNB) and People’s Bank.

University of Sri Jayewardenepura has no legal or financial bond with the banks despite the information provided here.

For further information, kindly reach out to the nearest branch of a bank of your preference near the University from the aforementioned list.

Are hostel facilities available for all students of the Faculty?

To check whether you are eligible to apply for accommodation provided by the Faculty, availability of said facilities and for further inquiries, follow the link given below.

How can I obtain an academic record and/ or academic transcript?

Click here to request for an academic record or a transcript via online.

How can I complain about ragging to the relevant authorities?

Ragging has not occurred in the Faculty since its inception and is strictly discouraged.

Ragging Act 20 of 1998

However, if any such event is encountered or heard of, you are advised to seek immediate support provided by both University Grants Commission and the Faculty itself.

Click the link below to reach the Complaint Portal of University Grants Commission.

Click here to reach the Faculty authorities and other helpline details.

What is the appropriate dress code for Faculty students?

Information on the dress code for both genders is provided in the dress code section in students’ handbook.

Information for Foreign Students intending to study MBBS at FMS/USJ

Why I should study at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura?

Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura provides one of the finest MBBS undergraduate programmes in the country which is well renowned all over the world. Along with the comprehensive academic tutoring and support, the Faculty provides the infrastructure necessary to mould a fully competent medical professional.

Multiple clubs and organisations which include Sports Club, Arts Circle, Nature and Photography Club and associations on respective religions provide the basis for extracurricular activities at the Faculty while numerous activities and clubs are also available to be explored at university level.

For further information, refer the “Study” and “Students” sections from the Menu.

What are the minimum qualifications needed to be enrolled for the MBBS degree under Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura?

Each year the Faculty allocates 5% of the total intake for MBBS programme for students with foreign advanced level qualifications who have to be enrolled via self-financing basis, subjected to admission criteria and tuition fee stipulated by the University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka. Accreditations required and other relevant information needed can be accessed via the links provided below.

How many foreign students are enrolled under the MBBS programme each year?

Every year a new batch of students are enrolled which includes up to approximately 10 foreign students who fulfil the required qualifications.

How can I access the curriculum of the Faculty?

Click the links below to explore the curriculum.

Are the foreign students eligible for accommodation provided by the Faculty?

The Faculty is currently not providing accommodation for foreign undergraduates within University premises, yet they will be directed for suitable accommodation in close vicinity.

Are there any scholarships allocated for foreign students?

No scholarships are awarded for foreign undergraduates.

Information for Foreign students opting for Electives

Does the Faculty offer Elective clinical training for foreign students?

Overseas students who intend to undergo elective, hospital based clinical training are being provided with the valuable opportunity of experiencing a wide variety of patients presenting due to unique illnesses at Colombo South Teaching Hospital.
Click here for more information.

General Information for the Public

How can I donate a dead body to the Faculty?

Click here to download the form that needs to be filled if you wish to donate a cadaver for the dissections of Faculty students and your contribution is highly appreciated.

For more information contact on 011 2758694, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical Sciences

Who should I contact if I wish to proceed with research collaborations?

Research collaborations are being governed by the Research Committee of the Faculty.

What are the undergraduate courses provided by the Faculty?

Currently the Faculty allows students to undertake degrees on MBBS and BSc. in Human Biology.

What are the postgraduate courses provided by the Faculty?

Information on postgraduate courses is provided in the “Postgraduate Courses” section in the Menu.

What are the diploma courses provided by the Faculty?

Diploma course in Counselling and Diploma in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology are the only two diplomas provided by the Faculty at the moment.

How can you support the Faculty?

Any financial or material donations intended for the Faculty can be directed as follows.

If the donation is for students, your assistance can be guided through the Students Welfare Committee and the necessary contact information can be gathered by clicking here.

If the donation is for the clinical setting, contact the relevant heads of the departments through the links provided below.