What is the ELA?

The English Literary Association (ELA) of Faculty of Medical Sciences was established in 2020. It provides a platform to students to express freely and enhance their English literary abilities accomplishing national and international standards.  With frequent activities and achievements, the ELA, has grown into one of the successful associations of our faculty.

It is a free and safe space created by the students for the students to acquire, improve and exercise the knowledge and skill of English language.

Through the ELA, students are given various opportunities to test their English competency such as debating, compeering, public speaking, creative writing and writing reviews on various topics ranging from movies to travel. We also conduct English enhancement sessions centered arounds the newcomers to overcome the language barrier in their personal and professional life. The ELA conducts diverse events, runs a blog and a Facebook page to achieve its mission.


To improve the English knowledge among the students of our faculty

To provide a platform to exercise and polish the existing skill in the langue through participating in various competitions and other opportunities.


The initiative step for this association was taken place as an inauguration ceremony on 30th December 2020. Our honorary Dean Prof. Aloka Pathirana attended the function as chief guest. Ms. Bernadine Jeyasinghe who is a renowned television anchor came as a guest to this function and enlightened the students with a lecture on “The Importance of Leadership and Communication Skills among the Youth.” The first panel of board members were also appointed that day.

The first Board of Officials,


Vice President


Assistant Secretary

Junior Treasurer

Assistant Junior Treasurer


Minindu Ekanayake

Avanti Hapugalle

Dulanji Beneragama

Asel Wijesinghe

Dinul Doluweera

Kaveesha Jayawardane

Shangavi Navaretnam
Krishan Dhammearatchi

Committee Members

athu Fonseka
Devni Silva
Nathasha Sirisena
Manuli de Silva
Sachitra Ratnasooriya
Jemini Wickramanayake
Senara Vidanapathirana
Mirshan Sivakumar
Milcah Wanigaratnam
Naveen Hewage

Senior Treasurer

Prof. Varuni Tennakoon


Inter Medical Faculty Debating Championship – 2023

“Debate is the engine of intellectual progress. It challenges our assumptions, sharpens our arguments and leads us closer to the truth”
-Michael Sandel-

The English Literary Association (ELA) of Faculty of Medical Sciences, USJ which is a club that has a reputation for debating, took the innovative step of organizing the first ever Inter Medical Faculty Debating Championship (IMDC) encouraging the participation of medical undergraduates around the country.

The tournament was a massive success with participation of 13 teams from medical faculties of various universities. It was held under three rounds as preliminary round, semi-finals and finals. The preliminary round was held via the online platform, zoom and the semi-final and final rounds were held at the faculty premises on 3rd September, 2023 with the honourable presence of Dean, Snr. Prof. Aloka Pathirana and the senior treasurer of ELA, Prof. Varuni Tennakoon along with many other academic professionals and alumni of the faculty.

The competition was judged by many esteemed judges with profound credibility engaged in various fields since the debate was not limited to the medical field. Awards and certificates were presented to the winners following the tournament on the same day.

The ELA is planning to continue IMDC as an annual event, remarking yet another milestone in the history of the club and the tournament will stand as an open platform for medical undergraduates to widen their horizons on logical reasoning and critical thinking.

Clash of Minds 2022

The members of the English Literary Association representing the Faculty of Medical Sciences at USJ, emerged victorious at the “Clash of Minds 2022” the debating competitions organized by J’pura Voice the official media broadcasting unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura continuing its winning streak at the Clash of Minds competitions.

Winning the Inter-Faculty Psychiatry Debate 2022

The team comprising of four of the ELA’s best debaters who represented the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the Inter-Medical Faculty Psychiatry Debate 2022 claimed its winning title as the champions at the Annual Academic Sessions 2022 programme organized by The Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists continuing our legacy of medical school debating.

Writers Unleashed Online Literary Writing Competition 2022

The English literary association pioneered the first ever online literary writing competition “Writers Unleashed Online Literary Writing Competition 2022” exclusively for Medical and dental students of Sri Lanka. The competition received recognition from many students from universities island wide and was praised by many for its valiant efforts in establishing a platform filled with opportunity for the writers during the post-COVID-19 pandemic era.

All island Best Gavel Speaker Contest

Mr Ashfaaq Sheriffu an eloquent member of the ELA emerged as Champion at the All-island Best Gavel Speaker contest in the category of Impromptu Speech at the Gavel Conference 2022.

He was also the 1st runner up at Vorbitor’23 organized by the gavel club of University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

J’pura Employability Skills Awards 2022

Two esteemed members of the English Literary Association were able to claim awarding titles at the J’pura Employability Skills Awards (JESA), organized by the Career Skills Development Society, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, on the 27th of September 2022.

Miss Hasarah Dasanayake won the award for the
Best Leader

Miss Senara Vidanapathirana won the award for the
Best Communicator


Team Accomplishments

  1. “J’pura Voice” Interfaculty Debating Championship 2019 (English Medium)
  2. 2nd Runners Up – “Hulftsdorp Debates 2019” Inter University Debating Tournament– Novice Category; organized by the Sri Lanka Law College
  3. 2nd Runners Up – Inter-University Debating Championship 2021 organized by the Law Students’ Association of the Royal Institute, Colombo – 21st – 22nd August 2021.
  4. Champions – CLASH OF MINDS 2022 – the Local and International Inter-University Debating Competitions organized by “J’pura Voice” the Official Broadcasting and Media Unit of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura
  5. Champions – Annual Inter- medical faculty Psychiatry debate at the Annual Academic Sessions of the Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists


Trivia Nights: A Platform for Intellectual Stimulation

The recreational room has served as an ideal venue for hosting trivia nights organized by the English Literary Association. These events have captivated the minds of participants, offering a lively atmosphere where knowledge is put to the test. The room’s multimedia capabilities, particularly the TV screen, have been invaluable in presenting trivia questions, visuals, and multimedia content, making the experience both informative and entertaining.

English Enhancement Sessions: Enhancing Learning through Multimedia

As part of their commitment to enhancing English language skills, the association has conducted English Enhancement Sessions in the recreational room. Here, students have had the opportunity to delve into complex concepts, such as anatomy, through the use of multimedia resources available in the room. The interactive sessions have facilitated a deeper understanding of subjects while fostering a creative and engaging learning environment.

Game Nights: Fostering Camaraderie and Relaxation

Recognizing the importance of fostering social bonds among members, the English Literary Association has organized game nights in the recreational room. The versatile and welcoming ambiance of the room has played a vital role in creating a comfortable space for participants to relax, enjoy friendly competitions, and strengthen interpersonal connections. From classic board games to interactive video games, the recreational room has facilitated memorable and enjoyable experiences for all.