Some departments in the Faculty are involved in collaborative projects with industrial partners for evaluating efficacy of products, toxicological testing, effectiveness of different formulations of existing products, novel products or technique development etc.

Department of Biochemistry has and is collaborating with multiple industries for evaluation of existing products or novel products for the utilization of general public. Along with quality assessment in biochemical aspects according to each product, toxicity effects are also being evaluated thus, ensuring public safety via provision of safe food items to consume. Recent details of such collaborations are as follows.


Glycaemic index of food products (Industry or Institute collaboration)

  1. Maliban Biscuit Manufacturing Pvt Ltd, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
    • Maliban Bran Cracker (medium GI)
    • Low sugar Marie biscuit (medium GI)
  1. Maliban Milk Products (Pvt) Ltd.
    • Milk based product (Vitagen) (marketed as Low GI)
  1. Ceylon Biscuits Limited, Makumbura, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka – Kothalahimbutu extract incorporated cracker (marketed labeled as low GI)
  2. ITI collaboration – Commercially available porridge made incorporating traditional rice varieties (Hel Suwaya – low GI)
  3. Asian Chemical & Foods (Pvt) Ltd – diabetic supplementation Pro Malt (Low GI)


Toxicity effects

Food and Nature (Pvt) Ltd, Dambahena Road, Maharagama, Sri Lanka –

  1. Long term ingestion of “FADNA diabetea” through animal studies proven as not eliciting adverse effects
  2. Long term ingestion of “FADNA diabetea” in normoglycaemic individuals – no adverse effects