Student Code of Conduct

The pioneer batch enrolled to Faculty of Medical Sciences in 1993 was counselled in small groups to change behaviour and attitudes as punitive action against errant novices do not produce expected results. At the end of 20 sessions, the students were asked to compile key terms on conduct as students of medicine. This was the humble beginning of the “Student Code of Conduct” which after discussion they expressed their intention to abide by. A declaration was drafted and signed.

  • Value human life above all things.
  • Uphold moral and ethical values.
  • Respect and be respected.
  • Be self-directed in learning acquiring abilities.
  • Let careful listening lead to better understanding.
  • Let our minds be open to turn weaknesses in to strengths.
  • Learn beyond the confines of medicine.
  • Lead, but do not mislead.
  • Be independent and rational in thinking but collective in action.
  • Be methodical and orderly.
  • Regard cleanliness and presentability as essential.
  • Observe etiquette and protocol as occasion demands.
  • Be punctual always.
  • Devote our talents to serve others.
  • Always volunteer to be of service.
  • Lead an exemplary life.

The original student code of conduct was compiled by the pioneer batch of medical students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

A compilation of a student code of conduct is encouraged and guided (as a personality and professional development stream activity) during the orientation program when every new batch enters the portals of the Faculty. The following is the Code of Conduct compiled by the latest batch (32nd Batch) of the Faculty.

In relation to the public/patients

  1. We will treat every patient equally well without considering their race, social status, etc. People who need urgent help will always be given priority.
  2. We will respect the patients’ privacy and maintain confidentiality of their personal information.
  3. We will enlighten the public as to what they have to know in order to ensure public health and safety.
  4. We will be kind and polite to the public.

As professionals

  1. We will be responsible with the use and communication of our knowledge.
  2. We will always try to be updated in our field to serve the public better.
  3. We will set a good example for the society, especially for the impressionable younger generation.
  4. We will duly respect fellow professionals, teachers, patients and student colleagues.
  5. We will maintain honesty and clear communication when working with peers.

In the Faculty/as students

  1. We will always be united as a team, irrespective of any differences in race, gender, ethnicity, etc.
  2. We will fight for the safety, dignity and rights of each and every batchmate.
  3. We will maintain a professional demeanour when interacting with teachers both inside and outside the faculty while engaging in open and honest communication with them.
  4. We will greet the non-academic staff and acknowledge their presence whenever possible, giving them due respect.
  5. We will be punctual to lectures and other events and will conduct ourselves in a manner that is not disturbing to teachers and other students.
  6. We will adhere to the rules and regulations of the faculty and will defer to the faculty and staff where necessary.
  7. We will always uphold the dignity and good name of the faculty and will strive to bring it glory.
  8. We will protect the infrastructure of the faculty avoiding all forms of vandalism and will do our best to keep the faculty premises clean and tidy while making the maximum use of the faculty resources, both academic and recreational.