The Sports Club was founded by the students of the 3rd Batch of the Faculty of Medical Sciences under the guidance of Prof. Mohan de Silva as the Senior Treasurer.

As the first event of the club, a grand-scale event that encompassed all medical faculties across the country, featuring an inter-medical faculty cricket and netball tournament were organized.  

Events like Sports Fiesta, Annual Engineering-Medicine Sports Encounter (AEMSE) and various fundraising projects hold a special place among the events organized by the Sports club.  Throughout the year various fundraising projects such as food stalls, car washes, fundraising sports tournaments are implemented for funding of these events.


Nurture the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of all in order to build well rounded doctors.


To encourage, promote and facilitate physical activity among students while developing strong bonds in order to promote physical health and mental wellness.

To instill values such as discipline, perseverance, resilience, sportsmanship, and leadership among the students, which will lay the foundation of a perfectly balanced academic, professional and personal lives.

To provide equal opportunities for participation ensuring that everyone feels respected and valued.

Sports Fiesta

Is the inter-batch sports tournament held annually in which every batch at the Faculty take part. It’s a multi sport tournament which includes athletics, cricket, volleyball, swimming and rugby to name a few. Batch scoring the highest number of points at the end of tournament are crowned as the winners.

Annual Eng-Med Sports Encounter

Better known as the AEMSE, is an inter faculty sport tournament where students of both Engineering and Medical faculties compete against each other in a number of sporting events. Both faculties take turns in organizing the tournament every year.

Few Recent Events and Achievements

Annual Inter-batch Sports Fiesta 2023

First ever Sunset Fiesta in 2022

We were able to held first ever sunset fiesta after heavy exam session in 2022.we were able to give some joy & pleasure to students.

Cricket and netball matches between students & CSTH doctors

Winning first ever annual Engineering Medicine sports encounter in 2019