The Students’ Union of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura is the student body which represents all students.

The establishment of the Medical Faculty Students’ Union was according to the section 112 of the universities act no. 16 of 1978, and amendment of universities at no. 26 of 1988.

It consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Junior Treasurer, Editor and 8 committee members. The Senior Treasurer, who is a Senior Lecturer or above of the Faculty Students’ Union is nominated by the members of the union which is approved by the Faculty Board.

The main objectives of the union are to address the welfare issues and academic issues of students. In addition, the union provides opportunities for students to sharpen their extra-curricular skills.


Diriya Aruna

“Diriya Aruna” is an annual social services project conducted by each successive batch of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, along with the Medical Faculty Students’ Union, under the guidance of the Dean and all the academic staff of the Faculty.

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‘Dhwara’ opens the door to conversations about finer and deeper aspects of life. Moderated by the students, this discussion-based experience is an invitation for the intellectual minds. A well known personality will be invited monthly to discuss their perception on a title of choice while being open to thoughts and questions of the students.

In a culture where academia and social media limits the young minds to a narrow-distracted path, Dhwara is an attempt to enlighten the students while stimulate their thought patterns to branch and grow.

Book Scholarship Program

Book Scholarship Program stands tall not only as a tradition of the Faculty but also as a pillar which assures that the students have the necessary resources in their student life as medical students.

The scholarship is annually organised for newly recruited 1st years who are in need of pre-clinical textbooks by their 3rd year colleagues.

Many activities such as fund raising activities, pre-owned books collecting programs and other activities are organized by the 3rd year students prior to this event in order to make this event a success. The books are distributed to the students at a short ceremony, in the presence of distinguished guests.

Veda Vidu Magazine

The “Veda Vidu” magazine: an initiative of the media sub-committee of the Students Union, is a bi-annual publication geared towards showcasing the creativity and intellectual prowess of the students of Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

While facilitating entries from all three languages, this publication is a compilation of poems, essays and short stories exhibiting their proficiency in literature, as well as drawings and iconic photographs demonstrating an expertise in art. In addition to showcasing the talents of students, the magazine expands its borders to flaunt the creativity of the Faculty staff as well.

Apart from being aesthetically stimulating, Veda Vidu is also enriched with numerous academic work including articles on intriguing medical topics and events of timely importance. Adding to the value of the magazine are interviews with renowned professionals, and highlighting the diverse activities carried out by different clubs, societies etc. of the Faculty.

In the spirit of moving forwards in the digital age, the first and second editions of this magazine were published as electronic version which allowed readers around the world to enjoy the flair and finesse of the students of the Faculty.

Tharkana Inter-Faculty Debating Tournament

‘Tharkana’ is the only debating tournament organized targeting the medical faculties of Sri Lanka. Through this students are given an opportunity to showcase their vocational brilliance while enhancing their ability to rationalize through debate.

The tournament is held in sequence of preliminary rounds, semi-finals, and finals, judged by esteemed personals in the debating arena.

The Students’ Union of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura intends to host ‘Tharkana’ Inter-faculty Debating tournament annually increasing collaboration, friendship and networking among students of medical faculties.

තර්කන 2021′ අන්තර් වෛද්‍ය පීඨ විවාද තරගාවලිය

Tharkana 2021′ Inter-medical Faculty debating tournament Day 1- Part  1

Tharkana 2021′ Inter-medical Faculty debating tournament Day 1- Part  2

‘තර්කන 2021’ අන්තර් වෛද්‍ය පීඨ විවාද තරගාවලිය Day 2

තර්කන 2021′ අන්තර් වෛද්‍ය පීඨ විවාද තරගාවලිය Day 3

‘තර්කන 2022’  විවාද තරගාවලිය