The mission of the Muslim Medical Students Committee at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Faculty of Medical Sciences, is to cultivate unity, support, and excellence among Muslim medical students. It is aimed at creating an inclusive environment that nurtures personal and professional growth while upholding Islamic values and ethics. Embracing diversity, the committee actively promote interfaith dialogue, collaboration, and understanding, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity

The vision is to establish a robust network of Muslim medical students that encourages collaboration, mentorship, and advocacy both within and beyond the University. In addition by fostering an environment of inclusivity and interfaith cooperation, the aim is to enhance the well-being and harmony within the University and the broader society.


The Eid festival organized by the Muslim Medical Students Committee offered a blend of spirituality, cultural experiences, and delectable food, creating a joyful and inclusive celebration for all attendees The festival began with a common address by the esteemed Islamic scholar Sh. Arkam Nooramith, providing spiritual insights and reflections. Food stalls offered traditional Eid items, providing a taste of the festive cuisine. A “Try on a Hijab” stall provided both Muslim and non-Muslim attendees a chance to experience wearing a hijab. Similarly, a “Try on a Turban” stall catered to males. The festival also embraced the art of Mehendi, with a dedicated stall where participants could get intricate henna designs on their hands.