The Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura offers elective programmes in the clinical, para-clinical and pre-clinical specialties on a fee-levying basis for undergraduate Medical Students who are studying in foreign Universities. Clinical elective programmes will take place in the Professorial Units in the Colombo South Teaching Hospital, while para-clinical, Family Medicine and pre-clinical programmes will be available within the Faculty Premises.

During your clinical electives, you will be exposed to a vast variety of clinical conditions including conditions prevalent in the tropics. The student will have the opportunity to conduct following activities during your elective position (s)

  1. History taking (you will be assisted by your fellow local colleagues if translation to English is needed)
  2. Physical examination (under the supervision of a Medical staff member in the ward)
  3. Case based discussion & bedside teaching

During the para-clinical appointments the student gets the opportunity to:

  1. Go through the slides, specimens & other teaching learning material available in the department
  2. Learn with the current medical students (participation in lectures, tutorials & and be an observer in the laboratory based practical sessions)
  3. Short-term participation in research
  4. To observe how the Sri Lankan medico-legal activities are performed in the wards and in the autopsy room. 
    For more information, visit https://medical.sjp.ac.lk/electives-short-course-in-forensic-medicine/

During pre-clinical appointments the student gets the opportunity to:

  1. Be an observer of cadaveric dissections in the Department of Anatomy
  2. Be an observer in the department of Physiology & Biochemistry. You are allowed to participate in lectures, tutorials & as an observer at practical sessions.
  3. Short-term participation in research


  1. To observe how the Sri Lankan medico-legal activities are performed in the wards and in the autopsy room.




Further details on the application process is given in this page under several headings. For further clarifications please contact the Elective coordinator: electives@sjp.ac.lk.

Upon completion of your position your participation/ evaluation forms on Electives provided by your relevant Universities will be filled by your supervisor (s). The Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, USJ will provide the students a Letter of Completion of the Elective programme(s) at the end of final posting on request made by the student.


Maximum 8 weeks


1 – 4 weeks 400 US$
5 – 8 weeks 550 US$

We look forward to having you with us!