Application, payment and registration procedures are all online. Follow the THREE STEPS below and enjoy a hassle free enrollment into our elective programme.

Step 1 (Follow Both A and B)

A. Apply online. Use the link provided below.

B. Email the following documents to the elective coordinator

  • a covering letter stating the elective appointment(s) you wish to do with the dates
  • PDF of the completed online application (check submission confirmation e-mail),
  • resume or a brief curriculum vitae
  • a letter from the Medical School/University confirming your medical studentship and giving permission to do an elective.

What happens after step 1?

  • When you apply online, you will receive a verification e-mail to your email address given.
    (If you do not find this in your email inbox, please check the spam folder.)
    Later if you would like to verify your enrollment into the elective programme, click on the below link and enter your passport number.
  • Your application will be processed. Once your application is accepted and approved, you will receive the letter of enrollment signed by the Dean. This confirms that a position in the International elective programme is reserved for you.

Step 2

Once you receive the letter of enrollment please pay using following account details.
Payment must be made in full prior to starting your elective appointment.

Account Details

Account Holder : Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Account Number : 097-4-021-8-0010915
Swift Code : PSBKLKLX 023
Bank and the Branch : People’s Bank, Gangodawila Branch

Final payments should be in US$.

The student’s name must be clearly mentioned as a reference at payment

Fees and Payment

Duration Fees
Up to 4 Weeks
400 US$
5 to 8 Weeks
550 US$


Please note that no refunds are given.

Alternative Method of Payment

Pay online using the account details given below and email the soft copy of the receipt or a screen shot to Deputy Registrar (DR) of Faculty of Medical Sciences ( Alternatively you can print the receipt and email the scanned image.
(Think before you print! Save paper, save tress!!)

Account Details

Account Holder : Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Account Number : 097-4-021-8-0010915
Swift Code : PSBKLKLX 023
Bank and the Branch : People’s Bank, Gangodawila Branch

Final payments should be in US$.

What happens after step 2?

You will be sent an email confirming the receipt of payment.

Step 3

  • Before starting the elective please meet Deputy Registrar (DR) at the Dean’s Office, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura with identification, letter of enrollment and the payment slip. Dean’s Office is located on the 7th Floor of the new Medical Faculty building. (Dean’s Office is open on weekdays 8.00 to 16.00 excluding public holidays.
  • Once you meet the DR visit the relevant ward in Colombo South Teaching hospital or the relevant department in the University.
  • Show the appointment letter (given by DR) to your supervisor to start the appointment.

Few Words from the Coordinator

Elective coordinator is usually an academic from one of the departments. Every coordinator appointed enjoys this ‘honorable post’ amidst other academic and research activities. Coordinator responds to numerous queries raised by each and every elective student while processing their documents single handed. Most of the answers to your questions cab are given the web page (Frequently Asked Questions) and in the appointment letter that we send to you.

Many elective students do not acknowledge the letter of appointment once the appointment is awarded or fill up the feedback form at the end of the elective programme. I wish to make an open request to all registered elective students to assist us by filling the feedback form (available online or sent to you via email) and help us to improve this programme for future students.

Best wishes,
Coordinator – International Elective Programme

Important Notices

  • Medical students are expected to wear clinical coats inside the wards. Please bring your own clinical coat. We do not provide clinical coats for elective students.
  • Please note that the month of April is a holiday season in Sri Lanka and most of the activities get slowed down during mid April. Hospital will still be functioning, yet the turnover of patients may be lower than usual.
  • Whenever the final year local students are having their clinical examinations, the wards will be out of bound for all students including elective students.
  • Staying beyond the granted time period is unethical and thus such incidents will be reported back to their medical school.
  • Remember to fill and hand over the feedback form to your supervisor at the end of the appointment.

Heads of Clinical Departments

Heads of other Departments can be found in the official web site

Academic Departments – Faculty of Medical Sciences

Dress Code

  • Please note that clothing such as shorts, tights, short dresses, vests, tank tops, slippers/flip flops and bright shiny coloured clothes etc are not considered appropriate inside the hospital or University.
  • Long trousers, light coloured short (or long but folded) sleeved shirts and formal shoes are appropriate to ware to the hospital during day time. (Colombo is warm and humid with average temperature of 28-30 Co mostly).

If you need further clarification or details, please contact the elective coordinator –


FMS – Faculty of Medical Sciences, DR – Deputy Registrar, USJ – University of Sri Jayewardenepura