• Medical students are expected to wear clinical coats inside the wards. Please bring your own clinical coat. We do not provide clinical coats for elective students.
  • Please note that the month of April is a holiday season in Sri Lanka and most of the activities get slowed down during mid April. Hospital will still be functioning, yet the turnover of patients may be lower than usual.
  • Whenever the final year local students are having their clinical examinations, the wards will be out of bound for all students including elective students.
  • Staying beyond the granted time period is unethical and thus such incidents will be reported back to their medical school.
  • Remember to fill and hand over the feedback form to your supervisor at the end of the appointment.

Heads of Departments

Heads of Departments can be found in the official web site

Academic Departments

Dress Code

  • Please note that clothing such as shorts, tights, short dresses, vests, tank tops, slippers/flip flops and bright shiny coloured clothes etc are not considered appropriate inside the hospital or University.
  • Long trousers, light coloured short (or long but folded) sleeved shirts and formal shoes are appropriate to ware to the hospital during day time. (Colombo is warm and humid with average temperature of 28-30 Co¬†mostly).

If you need further clarification or details, please contact the elective coordinator – Prof. Shalindra Ranasinghe –

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