Clinical Surgery Made Easy: International Textbook

Two professors from the Department of Surgery have compiled and published a new medical book titled “Clinical Surgery Made Easy – A Companion to Problem-Based Learning, 3rd Edition”. The 450-page volume covers a wide range of surgical procedures and techniques, aimed at serving as a practical guide for surgical trainees and practicing surgeons.

The book is a collaborative effort, featuring contributions from several academics and alumni associated with the university’s Surgery department. The co-authors are Prof. Mohan de Silva and Prof. Bawantha Gamage.

“Our goal with this book is to simplify complex surgical concepts and procedures through clear explanations, illustrations, and case studies,” stated Prof. Mohan de Silva. “We believe it will be an invaluable resource for surgeons at all levels of training and experience.”

The book launch ceremony took place at the Sri Lanka College of Surgeons in Colombo 7 on 30th March 2024. It was attended by Prof. M.M. Pathmalal, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, and numerous other academics and medical professionals.

“I commend the efforts of Prof. Mohan de Silva, Prof. Bawantha Gamage, and the entire team behind this important work,” said Prof. Pathmalal. “Their dedication to advancing surgical education and knowledge will undoubtedly benefit countless patients in the years to come.”

At the launch event, Senior Prof. Aloka Pathirana, Professor and the Chair of Surgery of the Faculty of Medical Sciences USJ, delivered a keynote address, highlighting the importance of advancing medical education to meet the demands of modern healthcare.

“Clinical Surgery Made Easy” is now available for purchase through major bookstores and online retailers across Sri Lanka and internationally.