Book Scholarship 2024

The annual book scholarship program for the year 2024 was organized by the third-year students of Faculty of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Dental Sciences under the guidance of Medical Faculty Students’ Union. This year, the scholarship was awarded to the 33rd batch of Faculty of Medical Sciences and the 3rd batch of Faculty of Dental Sciences who commenced their academic journey as first year students. A total of 155 students, comprising two-third of the entire batch, received reference books for their studies which included both used and new books donated by their seniors with good faith.

This event serves as a testament to the strong bond between senior and junior batches, and it highlights the spirit of empathy, group work, and collective success celebrated by the Students’ Union. As we move forward, the Students’ Union remains committed to organizing such events and programs, aimed at fostering these essential values and uplifting the student community as a whole.