Workshop on Open Educational Resources in Medical Education

A hands-on workshop was held on 23-01-2023 on the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Medical Education at the Computer Resource Centre of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, SJP.

Main aim of this session is to provide insight into the of Open Educational Resources (OER) and its Policy together with providing hands-on experience on selected OER resources for medical teaching.

Workshop began with introducing concepts of Intellectual Property (IP) and Copyright laws by the Deputy Librarian, Ms. Shirani Ranasinghe. Thereafter, Prof R B Marasinghe introduced the concepts of OER, its development and advantages. The participants were given opportunities to access to a list of OER resources compiled by PG trainees, Dr. G.D.T. Kanchana (Senior Registrar-Health Informatics) and Dr. F.S.Mubarak (Registrar Health Informatics) who helped in hands-on session as well.

Total number of 20 academics were actively participated in the workshop. The Dean, Prof Manori Ganmage, reiterated the importance of referring to the Policy document and the importance of using selected resources in their L/T activities, especially to incorporate the concept into medical teaching.

This workshop was organized by the Department of Medical Education/ FMS/SJP