Green Hub of the Faculty of Medical Sciences was established in 2022 to develop a sustainable and environmental friendly Faculty. The main goal of the committee is to demonstrate how we can live sustainably while at the same time respecting nature and respecting each other.

The staff and student are invited to join with following transformative programs and community events to build a sustainable green Faculty environment.

Reduce pollution

Encourage recycling

Reduce energy consumption

Increase healthy lifestyle among the staff and students

Nature conservation

The Green Hub offers solutions to the challenges faced by academic staff and due to their day today activities in by faculty staff and students in finding harmony with the natural world.


Prof. Dulani Benaragama

+94 11 2758718,

Dr. Sajith Edirisinghe

+94 11 2758694,

Prof. Aloka Pathirana
+94 11 2758660,
Prof. Sugandika Suresh
+94 11 2881788 Ext: 4151,
Prof. Hasini Banneheke
+94 11 2758681,
Dr. Shehan Silva
+94 11 2881788 Ext: 4301,
Dr. Bandula Wijesinghe
+94 11 2881788 Ext: 4251,


PET Bottle Recycling

PET Bottle Recycling

The green hub has installed two PET plastic bottle collection bins at the faculty premises. So far more than 200Kg of PET bottles have been sent for recycling process.

Rigifoam Collection

Rigifoam Collection

The green hub has installed a Styrofoam/Rigifoam collection bins at the Faculty premises. Students and staff are invited to dump the Rigifoam to the bin in order to protect the environment

Free Health Messages

Free Health Messages

The green hum as installed notifications at each stairway and elevators in order to promote physical climbing of stairs

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden