Clinical Skills Laboratory is one of the newly developed teaching tool which offer educational facilities to the students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. The students who get benefited are MBBS Undergraduates, Postgraduate Medical students and B.Sc. Nursing students. It provides a safe and protected environment in which the learner can practice clinical skills before using them in real clinical settings. This helps to ensure that all students acquire the necessary techniques and are properly assessed before practicing on real patients. The laboratory consists of many diverse types of equipment such as models, mannequins, simulators and other essential items like laryngoscopes, ophthalmoscopes etc.


  • Teaching clinical examination to acquire basic clinical skills such as recognizing cardiac sounds, murmurs etc.
  • Training on management of medical emergencies such as airway management and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, neonatal resuscitation and obstetric emergencies.
  • Training essential procedures such as peripheral venous cannulation, endotracheal intubation, urethral catheterization etc.
  • Provide equipment for training outside the laboratory
  • Provide venue for postgraduate practical sessions, seminars and examinations.