The Pathology Department consists of 9 permanent academic staff and 16 nonacademic staff. Apart from teaching undergraduate MBBS students the discipline of Pathology during their third and fourth years (Term 6 – Term 11) the Department is also a recognized Postgraduate training Centre for the PGIM for several MD proagrammes.

The Department also provides a diagnostic and referral service in Histopathology and Haematology for the professorial unit wards at the Colombo South teaching Hospital.


+94 11 2758718, +94 11 2881788 Ext: 8718

Participation in Undergraduate Training Programmes

The department of Pathology contributes to the teaching of the MBBS students during the phase 2 of their curriculum and B Sc Human Biology students. The Histopathology and Haematology lectures of the B.Sc Nursing, B.Sc Medical Laboratory Sciences and B. Pharmacy of The Allied Health Sciences Faculty are conducted by the Department of Pathology.

Participation in Postgraduate Training Programmes

The Department contributes to the Following Postgraduate Programmes of the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine and is an PGIM recognized training centre for these students.

  • Certificate Course in Basic Laboratory Sciences
  • Diploma in Histopathology
  • Diploma in Clinical haematology
  • MD Histopathology
  • MD Haematology
  • MD Transfusion Medicine
  • MD Forensic Medicine

Teaching Activities

Teaching activities include Lectures, Tutorials, Small Group Discussions, Practicals, Seminars and Computer Assisted Learning Sessions

Term 6
Introductory Module  – 10 weeks

Term 7
Infectious Module – 2 weeks
Cardiovascular Module – 5 Weeks
Respiratory Module – 3 Weeks

Term 9
Endocrine Module – 4 weeks
Gastrointestinal Module – 5 weeks
Reproductive Module – 1 week

Term 10
Reproductive Module – 3 weeks
Blood Module – 5 weeks

Term 11
Neurological, Muscular skeletal Module – 4 weeks
Special senses Module – 2 weeks
Nephro urology Module – 4 weeks


  • Students’ Laboratory
  • Pathology Museum
  • Seminar Room
  • Haematology and histopathology laboratories
  • Immunohistochemistry laboratory
  • Teaching microscopy unit
  • Dark room for immunofluorescence

Services to the Community

The department of pathology currently provides diagnostic services in haematology and histopathology to the professorial units of Colombo South Teaching Hospital

Approximately 3200-3500 histology samples are received per year and approximately 1000 Cytology samples are received per year

Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) clinics are conducted weekly at the CSTH by Consultant Histopathologists.

Weekly Haematology clinics in anticoagulation and general haematology are conducted by Consultant Haematologists and have an attendance of around 80 patients a week.

Referrals from all professorial units regarding inward and clinic patients with haematological disorders managed by on call Consultant Hematologists.

Autopsy services to the CSTH are conducted by Consultant Histopathologists


Best Teacher – Phase 2 – 2023   Awarded to Prof. Dulani Beneragama


ASP/01/RE/MED/2022/49   Prof. IV Prematilleke

ASP/01/RE/MED/2021/61   Dr. KHBP Fernandopulle

ASP/01/RE/MED/2021/55   Prof. MBS Seneviratne

ASP/01/RE/MED/2018/61   Dr. HWCK Kulathilake

ASP/01/RE/MED/2016/71   Dr. HWCK Kulathilake