The Department of Microbiology was established in 1993 and at present consists of 07 academic and 08 non-academic staff members. The Chair is held by Professor Sirimali Fernando. The Head of the Department is Dr. D.M.B.T. Dissanayake.


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Provide appropriate knowledge and skills in medical and clinical microbiology that would enable students to function as basic doctors when attending to patients with infectious diseases or related disorders or when dealing with the control of such diseases in the hospital and in the community.

We strive to provide opportunities to develop an attitude, which will improve communication and cooperation between members of the healthcare team and the microbiology laboratory to optimize the microbiological services to the community, to develop self-learning through student-centred learning, to develop critical thinking and analytical skills, and to provide a supportive departmental environment with dedicated, enthusiastic and trained staff.

Participation in Undergraduate Training Programmes

  • MBBS
  • B.Sc. (Human Biology) – General and Special
  • Laboratory facilities and training for undergraduate research students from other faculties/universities/institutions (public and private sector)

Participation in Postgraduate Training Programmes

The Department of Microbiology provides training for the Diploma in Medical Microbiology and Pathology, M.Sc. in Molecular Medicine under the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo.

The Department also offers

  • MPhils & PhDs in the research areas of Microbiology
  • Laboratory facilities and training for post graduate students from other faculties/universities/institutions (public and private sector)

Teaching Activities

Undergraduate Degree programmes:

  • MBBS
  • Sc. (Human Biology) – General and Special

Postgraduate Degree programmes:

  • Diploma in Medical Microbiology and Pathology
  • MPhils & PhDs in the research areas of Microbiology, Molecular biology


The department is located on the third floor of the Anatomy building. It comprises a fully air-conditioned seminar room, equipped with multi-media facilities and has the capacity to accommodate 50 students.

The following laboratory facilities are available for research, teaching and diagnostic services.

  • Microbiology laboratory – provides bacteriological and mycology services. Follows National External Quality Assessment Scheme (NEQAS) conducted by the Medical Research Institute (MRI).
  • Serology laboratory with Multiscan sky ELISA plate reader
  • Two -80℃ freezers, three -20℃ freezers and many refrigerators
  • Bio Safety cabinet (class 11) facilities attached to individual laboratories
  • Molecular biology laboratory with a BIO-RAD real-time PCR machine, thermocyclers, dark room facilities, Gel doc machine and a UV illuminator
  • Cell culture laboratory with CO2 incubators
  • Student laboratory that is shared with the Department of Parasitology


  • The department offers diagnostic services in Bacteriology, Virology, Serology, and Molecular Biology to the community via Family Practice Centre and to the hospital via professorial units of the Colombo South Teaching Hospital. Facilities are available to carry out culture and ABST in Bacteriology, culture in Mycology, Serology and Molecular Biology tests
  • The department conducts a certificate course in Biosafety and biosecurity for doctors, research officers, students, laboratory managers, medical laboratory technologists, nurses, safety officers and health care administrators. This is a part time distant learning course conducted online
  • The department provides Laboratory facilities for carrying out research for undergraduate and postgraduate students in public and private institutions


  • Department Having the Highest Cumulative Citations in the Faculty of Medical Sciences 2015 – 2017
  • University Research Awards – 2014 – 2022
  • Presidential awards for scientific publication – 2014 – 2018
  • SURSRED awards for postgraduate supervision from 2015 – 2021


Grants ongoing: ASP/01/RE/MED/2021/60