Dr. Indika Neluwa-Liyange

Lecturer (Probationary)


Department of Biochemistry




Office - +94 11 2881788 Ext: 4151

Academic Qualifications

  • MBBS / 2nd class (Distinction in Biochemistry) / 2014 / University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Memberships in Professional Organizations

  • Life member of Sri Lanka Medical Association since 2016
  • The Partnership for Maternal Newborn & Child Health: Geneva, SEARO, CH since 2018
  • Parent and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) Subcommittee of the National Steering Committee on Childhood Developmental Disabilities : Colombo, LK since 2021


  • Distinction in Biochemistry (University of Colombo, 2014)
  • Biochemistry / Clinical Biochemistry / Autism Spectrum Disorder

Research Interests

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Inborn Errors of Metabolism

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Publications and Scientific Communications


  • Indika NLR, Fonseka NG. Methylene Blue Inhibits The Interaction Between Heparan Sulfate and Sars-Cov-2 Spike Protein; A Review of Evidence for a Hypothesis. Malaysian Journal of Medical Research (MJMR). 2021 Oct 1;5(4).
  • Jasinge E, Fernando M, Indika NLR, Trunzo R, Schröder S, Vidanapathirana DM, Jones PM, Jayasena S, Gunarathne AV, Ratnayake P. Urine Organic Acid Analysis: Key Diagnostic Test for Fumaric Aciduria in a Sri Lankan Child. Laboratory Medicine. 2021.
  • Indika NLR, Deutz NE, Engelen MP, Peiris H, Wijetunge S, Perera R. Sulfur amino acid metabolism and related metabotypes of autism spectrum disorder: A review of biochemical evidence for a hypothesis. Biochimie. 2021 May 1;184:143-57.
  • Indika NLR, Vidanapathirana DM, Jasinge E, Waduge R, Shyamali NL, Perera PP. Lipin-1 deficiency-associated recurrent rhabdomyolysis and exercise-induced myalgia persisting into adulthood: a case report and review of literature. Case reports in medicine. 2020;2020:7904190.
  • Indika NLR, Vidanapathirana DM, Dilanthi HW, Kularatnam GA, Chandrasiri ND, Jasinge E. Phenotypic spectrum and genetic heterogeneity of cystic fibrosis in Sri Lanka. BMC medical genetics. 2019;20(1):89.
  • Indika NLR, Kesavan T, Dilanthi HW, Jayasena K, Chandrasiri N, Jayasinghe IN, et al. Many pitfalls in diagnosis of acute intermittent porphyria: a case report. BMC Research Notes. 2018;11(1):552.
  • Indika, N.L.R., Frye, R.E., Rossignol, D.A., Owens, S.C., Senarathne, U.D., Grabrucker, A.M., Perera, R., Engelen, M.P. and Deutz, N.E., 2023. The Rationale for Vitamin, Mineral, and Cofactor Treatment in the Precision Medical Care of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 13(2), p.252. https://doi.org/10.3390/jpm13020252
  • Jasinge E, Kularatnam GA, Dilanthi HW, Vidanapathirana DM, Menike KL, Chandrasiri ND, Indika NLR, Ratnayake PD, Gunasekara VN, Fairbanks LD, Stiburkova B. Uric acid, an important screening tool to detect inborn errors of metabolism: a case series. BMC research notes. 2017;10(1): 454.Research Collaborations


  • Indika NLR., Peiris H., Perera PPR. Comparison of linearity and slope of the standard curves of two different chondroitin sulfate reference materials in dimethylmethylene blue assay. Proceedings of the 3rd conference in College of Biochemists of Sri Lanka, 2021: p47.
  • Indika NLR, Dialnthi HW, Vidanapathirana DM, Jayasena KLSPKM, Chandrasiri NDPD, Jayasinghe IN, Wickramarathne DKN, Jasinge E. Quality of sweat test: Initial evaluation of a laboratory. The Ceylon Medical Journal 2018;63(suppl. 2):135.
  • Indika NLR, Thuraisingam K, Warawitage HD, Jayasena KLSPKM, Chandrasiri NDPD, Vidanapathirana DM, Piumika UMT, Dissanayake M, Gunarathne K, Jasinge E, Arachchi KW. a Pedigree With P. r173w Mutation Causing Acute Intermittent Porphyria; Reported For The First Time In Sri Lanka: T190: Porphyrias. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine. 2017 ;55(S2): S1646.
  • Dilanthi HW, Indika NLR, Jayasena KLSPKM, Chandrasiri NDPD, Jayasinghe IN, Piumika UMT, Eresha Jasinge. Incomplete Laboratory Request Forms: The Extent at a Tertiary Care Hospital. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Scientific Congress, Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians 2016:p.73.
  • Dilanthi HW, Jayasena KLSPKM, Indika NLR, Jayasinghe IN, Kularatnam GAM, Chandrasiri NDPD, Senanayeke DN, Patricia MJ, Ratnayake P, Wanigasinghe J, Jasinge E. Diagnosis of Organic Acidaemias in a Selected Paediatric Population: Six Year Experience in a Single Centre. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Scientific Congress, Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians 2016: p. 56.
  • Jayasinghe IN, Dilanthi HW, Indika NLR, Jayasena KLSPKM, Chandrasiri NDPD, Piumika UMT, Jasinge E. An Internal Audit on Selected Pre-analytical Errors in Samples Received to the Department of Chemical Pathology, Lady Ridgeway Hospital. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Scientific Congress, Sri Lanka College of Paediatricians 2016: p.74.
  • Dilanthi HW, Indika NLR, Kularatnam GAM, Chandrasiri NDPD, Jayasena KLSPKM, Jasinge E. Demographic, clinical and biochemical characteristics of patients with homocystinuria in Sri Lanka. Proceedings of 129th Anniversary International Medical Congress, Sri Lanka Medical Association 2016: p. 215.

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  • Research Awards for Indexed Journal Publications, University of Sri Jayewardenepura (2019,2020) - University Research Awards 18th March 2022.

Other Faculties of University of Sri Jayewardenepura

  • Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Other Universities

  • University of Visual Performing Arts, Colombo 7, Sri Lanka
  • Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


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