Dr. Himansu Waidyasekera

Senior Lecturer Grade I


Department of Physiology




Office – +94 11 2881788 Ext: 4526

Academic Qualifications

  • MBBS / 1998 / University of Sri Jayewardenepura / Sri Lanka
  • PhD in Physiology / University of Sri Jayewardenepura / Sri Lanka

Memberships in Professional Organizations

  • Sri Lanka Medical Council


  • Sri Lanka Medical Association (SLMA) Sir Murugesar Sinnethamby Oration on “Does lack of estrogen have an effect on postural balance and cognitive functions in menopausal women?” – 4th December, 2010
  • Menopause related Physiology
  • Blood Physiology
  • Renal Physiology

Research Interests

  • Menopause
  • Cardiopulmonary fitness physiology

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Research Grants Held

  • University Grant Number ASP/06/RE/MED/2013/38, Cardio-Pulmonary Fitness amongst Sri Lankan National Athletes Engaged in Running Events and Their Determinants
  • University Grant Number: ASP/01/RE/MED/2018/62, Cardiopulmonary fitness amongst Sri Lankan national athletes engaged in running events, their determinants and effects of specialized training on cardiopulmonary fitness of athletes


Publications and Scientific Communications

  • Menopausal symptoms and quality of life during the menopausal transition in Sri Lankan women, H Waidyasekera, K Wijewardena, G Lindmark, T Naessen, Menopause: The Journal of The North American Menopause Society, 2009, 16 (1), 164-170.
  • Relation of peak Oxygen uptake with peak Heart rate and peak Load in Sri Lankan national level runners. Wijayasiri KDCU, Wimalasekera SW, Waidyasekara H, Sivayogan S, Thurairaja C.
    Published in proceedings of 132nd anniversary medical congress of the Sri Lanka Medical Association, 24th -17thJuly, 2019. OP 18, page: 17.
  • Peak oxygen consumption and blood lactate responses to training of Sri Lankan national male endurance runners; a comparative study. Wijayasiri KDCU, Wimalasekera SW, Waidyasekara H, Sivayogan S, Thurairaja C.
    Proceedings of the International conference on health sciences 2019, Colombo, Sri Lanka, October, 2019. OP no; 09, page no: 62-63.
  • Physiological profile of Sri Lankan male long distance runners and sprinters competing at national level and university level; a descriptive study, Wijayasiri KDCU, Wimalasekera SW, Waidyasekera H, Sivayogan S, Ishikawa Y. 2021. Journal of the Galle Medical Association 26 (2), 53

Other Faculties of University of Sri Jayewardenepura

  • Faculty of Dental Sciences
  • Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Applied Sciences

Other Universities

  • Postgraduate institute of Medicine, University of Colombo
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