How much do I have to pay for the elective/observer-ship?

  • Four weeks - 200 US$ (equivalent in Sri Lankan rupees).
  • Between four to eight weeks - 350 US$ (equivalent in Sri Lankan rupees).

These revised fees are applicable to those who apply after 31st December 2012. Those who have sent their application prior to that date will have to pay 100 US$ (for four weeks) and 350 US$ (more than 4 weeks).



What is the procedure of application?

  • Fill the ONLINE APPLICATION form.
  • Send a brief CV and a letter from your Medical school confirming your medical studentship to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



What happens after I send an application and the required documents?

Your request will be forwarded to the relevant officials for checking the eligibility and documents. Once the application is accepted you will receive an official letter from the office of the Dean awarding an elective. Rest of the official procedures will commence following your successful on site registration at the office of the Dean.



I need to get an approval letter immediately for official purposes. Is that possible?

Yes, just let us know how urgent it is. We will do our best to assist you.



I need to arrange an elective within couple to weeks. Is that possible?

Yes. We can arrange this and issue you a letter. If you are applying on a date after the faculty board meeting your elective will be subjected to approval of the faculty board later. If you are applying prior to the date of the faculty board meeting, there is no problem and it will go through the normal procedure.



Can I apply for more than one discipline and sway between them during the approved period?

It is technically possible when there are less number of elective students per ward but you need to discuss this with your supervisor when you arrive here.



Few of us from the same university would like to do our electives together as a group. Is that possible?

Yes. If you are applying for similar disciplines during same time period, you will anyway be placed together.



How much do I have to pay for the elective/observer-ship?

Four weeks - 200 US$ (equivalent in Sri Lankan rupees).

Between four to eight weeks - 350 US$ (equivalent in Sri Lankan rupees).



What are the 'inappropriate clothing' inside the university and hospital?

Pairs of shorts, tights, short dresses, tank tops, skinnies etc are not considered appropriate inside the hospital or University. White over coat is a must in the hospital settings except in intensive care units and operation theatres etc.



What are the opening hours of the library?

University library is opened from 8.00 - 18.00 hrs on all seven days of the week. Library is closed on public holidays. The opening times are extended to 20.00 hrs during examination periods. Please note that the elective students are not allowed to borrow books from the library but they can enjoy the facilities at the main library as well as medical library (located near Dean’s office).



I have done an elective in a previous academic year. Can I do another elective?

Yes, you can. Send us a request and we will do the needful.



What should I do if I have change of plans?

We may be able to arrange different dates for the elective but this facility will not be available at every instance and you should discuss with the elective coordinator.



What is the refund policy in case of online payments done if unable to come?

Students who do not cancel and do not take up a placement, forfeit the entire fee. Students who cancel will receive half of the payment as a refund if the cancellation is done at least two months before the elective starts. Rest is retained as a non-refundable placement fee.



What are the ward numbers of units that I am going to visit during my appointment?

Professorial Gynaecology & Obstetrics Unit - 21 (Antenatal), 22 (Postnatal), 23 (Gynaecology)
Professorial Medicine Unit - 1 (Male), 7 (Female)
Professorial Paediatrics Unit - 15B
Professorial Surgery Unit - 24 (Male), 25 (Female)



What kind of clothes are suitable to Sri Lankan weather conditions?

Sri Lanka has a mean annual temperature of 27Co in the coastal lowlands (including Colombo), to 16Co at Nuwara Eliya, in the central highlands. Colombo is hot and humid. So dress accordingly. However, please refrain from visiting University, hospital, religious places in pair of shorts. Those who are in sleeveless tops and shorts are not permitted into Temple of tooth relic in Kandy (however they have kept overalls for tourists who clad in inappropriate clothing).



How can I find accommodation?

You will not be entitled for hostel accommodation in the University due to limitation of such faculties. A list of places of accommodation (although these may not be available at all times) can be obtained from the elective coordinator. Mount Lavinia (4.5km from CSTH) and Colombo 06 (Wellawatte) (3km from CSTH) has plenty of small clean nice hotels and apartment houses for rent. You can find information regarding accommodation facilities to suit your budget and requirements on the web (Eg:



What is the type of visa that I need to enter Sri Lanka?

Details concerning visa can be obtained from We are unable to provide any visa or immigration related advises. Thus please visit the Sri Lankan embassy/High Commission office in your country or their web page for specific advises.

The Department of Immigration & Emigration (DI&E) of Sri Lanka operates a service to issue visa online "Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)" link:



Do I need health Insurance to enter Sri Lanka?

Health insurance is not essential to enter or stay in Sri Lanka but in cases of ill health during the applicant's stay, costs incurred should be borne by the individual. Government hospital services are free for all including foreigners.



Are there any specific immunization or prophylaxis that I need to get prior to the visit?

There are no specific immunizations or drug prophylaxis needed prior to the visit. Sri Lanka is quite a safe place in terms of health is concerned.



Is post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) available in Sri Lanka?

Availability of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) cannot be predicted at all times. Post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for certain diseases are available but may go out of stock at any time. When available in the government sector it can be provided but if it is out of stock you may have to purchase them from private sector pharmacies or import from abroad. In such instances you will have to bear the cost.

Click here to download PEP Access Point list.



Do I need to bring my own health safety consumables related to universal precautions?

Adherence to universal precautions will be as appropriate and when necessary but may be subjected to availability. Gloves, goggles, aprons and masks are available at the hospital and provided as required or on request. However you may bring your own gloves if you need non-allergic type or any specific brand.



Where can I do money exchange in Sri Lanka?

The official currency in Sri Lanka is Sri Lankan rupees. Money exchange can be done easily at bank counters at arrival lounge, at Colombo International airport Sri Lanka. There are money exchangers in and around shopping malls (Eg: Majestic city).Details of other money exchanges are available at