We are a unique medical school in many ways. We are the only 'Faculty of Medical Sciences' in Sri Lanka offering study programmes in Medicine (MBBS), Human Biological Science (B.Sc. general and special), Nursing (B.Sc. general and special), Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.Sc. general and special) and Pharmacy (B. Pharmacy general and special). Whilst rest of the medical schools in Sri Lanka are located elsewhere from the main institution, we are based within the main University premises itself so that our students have the opportunity to mingle with fellow students from other faculties and enjoy the faculties available in the main campus. Although a young faculty our graduates have secured the top position in the common grading list (merit list) of medical graduates in Sri Lanka and our students continue to excel at the postgraduate level.


Internal Student Numbers in January 2018

Study Programme Male Female Total
Medical Students 295 500 795
Human Biology Students 01 04 05
Medical Laboratory Sciences Students 23 76 99
Nursing Students 16 67 83
Pharmacy Students 26 58 84
Total 361 705 1066



Academic Staff


The Faculty is guided by Professor Surangi G. Yasawardene, the Dean and Professor of Anatomy. The academic staff consists of senior specialist with many years of experience in the clinical and academic activities and a dynamic group of young consultants/specialist. There are 25 professors, 71 senior lecturers and 39 lecturers working full time (2015) in addition to the extended faculty (Ministry of Health staff in hospital sector, general practitioners and many other institutions involved in training our undergraduates). There are 50 academic support staff assisting in carrying out academic activities, research and other service components. Apart from the routine academic work, most staff members are involved in research with local and international collaborations.







We welcome you to the largest state owned University in Sri Lanka with average 12,000 internal students.

This is the only University in Sri Lanka which owns a 'Faculty of Medical Sciences' producing graduates in of Medicine (MBBS), Human Biological Science (B.Sc.), Nursing (B.Sc.), Medical Laboratory Sciences (B.Sc.) and B. Pharmacy.






The University of Sri Jayewardenepura is located at Gangodawila, Nugegoda in Colombo district. Nugegoda is only fifteen kilometers away from the heart of Colombo. The main premise spreads over a 55 acre land facing Sri Soratha Mawatha which stretches from Wijerama Junction to Pirivena Junction.





The University of Sri Jayewardenepura is one of the pioneer universities in Sri Lanka started as a higher education institution for Buddhists priests (Vidyodaya Pirivena). It was bestowed the University status in 1959. Initially, the University was restricted to male students and Buddhists monks with only five faculties as Buddhist Studies, Philosophy, Languages, Arts and Ayurveda and Science. The university was shifted to the current location in 1961 and was opened for female students since 1966. The present designation of 'University of Sri Jayewardenepura' was assigned to the institution in 1978. Since then it has been ever expanding its service to the country while maintaining or enhancing the quality.





At present there are seven (7) faculties as

  1. Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. Applied Sciences
  3. Management Studies & Commerce
  4. Medical Sciences
  5. Engineering
  6. Technology
  7. Graduate Studies

that serve the mother Sri Lanka by producing Undergraduates and Postgraduates in their respective fields.



Facilities Available in the University


  • Teaching-learning - lecture theatres, auditoriums, well designed spacious library (with more than 180 000 books), computer centre for each faculty, English teaching unit.
  • Self study - summer huts for studies, common computer centre/lobby with free internet access.
  • Academic support - career guidance unit, staff development centre.
  • Welfare - student counselling service, book shops, assembly halls, hostels, University medical centre, family practice centre, student union offices.
  • Recreational - physical education divisions, open theatres, gymnasium, swimming pool, play grounds with pavilions.

Most services provided are free and accessible to all University students including elective students. In addition, there are handful of restaurants/canteens within the University premises and they offer food and beverages at an affordable price compared to the food stalls outside the premises.



University Map


1. Faculty of Medical Sciences