The Muslim majlis, an organization for the muslim students which was started in 1993 with as little as 25 students.Currently there are more than 200 members from all the faculties of the university.

The main motto for having started this organization was to achieve a peaceful environment in the university as we are living in a society with different religious & cultural backgrounds.

As a routine schedule Annual general meeting is held every year, where the members are selected according to the legislation from all the faculties.

Main activities of the majlis are to

  • Provide and distribute foods among the members in the holy month of Ramadan with the help of some well wishers.
  • Provide financial assistance for the needy members of the organization.
  • Provide text books for the needy members of the organization.
  • Arrange spiritual programs at regular interval.
  • Communicate with other societies of the university to maintain the harmony.

Though we represent only a minority group of the university, we are greatly enthusiastic & optimistic of extending all the services possible to all communities actively in the near future.