Take every opportunity to make the most of your student life at the faculty and we strive to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable as possible through a range of services and facilities.






Student Welfare Committee


The Students' Welfare Committee (SWC) comprises ten academics and two student representatives each from MBBS and Allied Health Sciences degree programmes. The committee meets mothly and provides a forum for students to raise any issues related to student welfare. The committee also identifies students with financial problems and the most deserving students are assisted either by finding sponsors or through the Medical Students' Financial Assistance Scheme.



Scholarships and Bursaries


The entire course is free of charge for locally qualified students selected by the University Grants Commission in all state universities and financial assistance schemes are available for students of low-income families. The students are selected for scholarships and bursaries based on their local administrator's (Gramasevaka's) recommendations and certification of income level. A student who receives 'Mahapola' is not eligible for a bursary.





The 'Mahapola' scholarship is awarded by the Mahapola Trust Fund, and students are selected primarily based on their merit order and a small proportion on the parental income.





The bursary scheme is for students with low parental income. The recipient students are selected according to University criteria.



Medical Students Financial Assistance Scheme


This scheme was established in 2003 and is monitored by the Student Welfare Committee, a statutory body of the Faculty. Needy students are selected by a process of application followed by an interview. The number of students and the amount given per student for a particular year is decided by the Student Welfare Committee, depending on the availability of funds.



Accommodation Facilities


The first year and final year students are eligible for University hostel facilities. Students may contact the Student Welfare Centre for further details.






The University medical centre provides and coordinates all health requirements of university students. It is open from 8:00 am - 12.00 noon & from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm during week days except public holidays. The medical forms for all new entrants are issued from the medical centre. Completion of this form is mandatory for all students. It also provides indoor and outdoor treatment including dental care. In addition, students who need further treatment are referred to other institutions. Tetanus toxoid and Hepatitis B vaccinations are available for students at the medical centre.



Student Counselors


The Faculty appoints four student counselors each year to provide counseling and guidance to students. Students are encouraged to meet the student counselors regularly to discuss their problems.



Personal Tutor Scheme


A personal tutor scheme is available at the Faculty, where a student is assigned to two academic staff members of two disciplines. The students are encouraged to meet their tutors regularly to discuss academic and other personal problems.



Student Helpline


A 24 hour student helpline is available for students to call and discuss their academics, personal and other problems. All information is treated confidentially. Details regarding the helpline are displayed throughout the Faculty. Students can contact 0711 550 550.



Counseling Service "Sisu Maga Dekma"


An academic member from the department of Psychiatry is available at the counselling center of the University Health Center 'Sisu Maga Dekma'. Two sessions a week are conducted to counsel students with personal difficulties. This facility is available not only for medical and para-medical students but also for other students of the University.



Academic Guidance for Students with Special Needs


Attendance at small group discussions, tutorials and practical classes is regularly monitored and students with poor attendance are requested to meet the relevant Heads of the departments to discuss the reasons for such and to take remedial action when necessary.






A variety of extra-curricular activities are available within the University providing students with ample respite from academic work. The undergraduates take part in a wide range of sports and aesthetic activities and have represented the University and excelled at both national and international events.