The Hindu society was formed in 2009 with the intention of fostering religious and social harmony in collaboration with the other societies. It promotes friendship and goodwill amongst students of different religions within the faculty as well as within the university.

The inaugural cultural event titled "IndraVizha" was held in 2009, with a variety of music, dance and a trilingual drama that brought to light social predicaments faced by today’s youth.






  • An evening of drama, music and dance that depicts the culture and beliefs of our ancient forefathers who carried out this event over a week to get the blessing of god Indra to have abundance of rain that would lead to bountiful harvest.
  • Indra vizha 2011 was held on 4-9-2011 at Ramakrishna mission hall, Colombo 06.
  • Chief guest Prof. P.T.Jayawickramarajah, Professor and head, Department of medical education and research, Faculty of health care sciences eastern university.
  • A souvenir titled "Amirtham" comprises of literary contributions from students and staff members and prominent members of the society.
  • Students from other faculties and prominent universities of the country give performances as well.