Sri Lanka Universities Debating Championship (SLUDC)

Two teams of the English Literary Association represented the faculty of Medical Sciences University of Sri Jayewardenepura at the Sri Lanka Universities Debating championship which was organized by the Moot Court and Debating Society (MCDS) of the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo.

Team A - Asel Wijesinghe and Manuli De Silva of the 26th batch
Team B - Dulanji Beneragama (26th batch) and Kaveesha Jayawardane (28th batch)

Both teams team were able to break into the Semifinals' of the competition for the second consecutive year by beating teams that were predominantly comprised of Law students around the country belonging to different Universities.



ELA Informative Session on the Art of Debating

The English Literary Association of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura successfully hosted their first ever online informative session on the art of debating on the 26th February 2021 via LEARN Zoom.

The prospects of the session were to inspire potential debaters in the faculty. Access was broadened beyond the scope of our faculty to include any undergraduate of any university which was a great success.

The session was graced by the presence of the senior treasurer of the English Literary Association, Dr. Varuni Tennakoon.

The informative session included a keynote by the guest speaker Mr. Dinusha Pathii rana who is an undergraduate of the Faculty of Applied sciences at University of Sri Jayewardenepura, a student of Sri Lanka Law College and an accomplished debater. In his speech Mr. Pathirana addressed several aspects on the art of debating which included: the styles of debating, the qualities of a good debater and exposed the audience to a holistic and copious insight into debating. His speech was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

The latter part of the session was one of the most anticipated segments of the day which included a friendly debate on the topic "Batman was right to strike Superman with kryptonite" in which the core idea was: "Too much power without check and balance is dangerous or is needed in dire circumstances?". The candid speakers of both teams raised fascinating arguments in support of their standpoints in the debate, team proposition was led by Miss. Senara Vidanapathirana of the 29th batch and team opposition was led by Mr. Mirshan Sivakumar of the 29th batch.

The panel of judges for the debate included Mr. Dinusha Pathirana - the guest speaker, Mr. Minindu Ekanayake of the 25th batch - the president of the English Literary Association and Miss. Avanti Hapugalle of the 25th batch - the vice president of the English literary Association.

The winning team was decided with a unanimous vote by the distinguished panel of judges and team opposition led by Mr. Mirshan Sivakumar emerged victorious at the end of the session. Miss. Dinali Ginigaddara of the 30th batch - of team opposition was declared the speaker of the day by the judges and the session concluded with a brief review of the debate.

Upon the successful completion of this event the ELA aims to achieve even more ambitious goals to improve the english skills of all medical undergraduates at our faculty.