The Arts Circle was the brainchild of a dynaimic group of students from the first batch of the faculty. Established in 1995, it provided medical students with an outlet to express their creativity, while fostering fellowship amongst each other.

Since its early days, the society has evolved and progressed, and now involves a large number of the student body and faculty staff in its activities.

This is a non-profit making society which fund their activities mainly through the financial contributions of companies and organizations.

The spotlight of the Arts Circle calendar is focused on a variety performance bearing the name "Talents". Held annually at the National Youth Services Council, Maharagama, it is an evening of song, dance and drama, where students and staff come under one roof to display their abilities. A highlight of this event is the arts exhibition, held at the same venue, which is the opportunity given for the quieter arts to shine.

The Arts Circle is also instrumental in organizing a number of other events during the course of the year. One such event is the "Gee Pedura", an informal evening of singing at the university's open air theatre. The proceedings from these various events are channeled towards worthy causes aimed at uplifting the standards of the faculty’s teaching hospital or the faculty itself.