dr-nilanka perera



Dr.  Nilanka Perera

Dr. Nilanka Perera MBBS, MD(Col), MRCP(UK)

Senior Lecturer Grade II and Consultant Physician
Department of Medicine

Telephone - Office : +94 11 2758000 Ext: 4301     
E-mail : nilanka.dushani@gmail.com



  • Lecturer, Department of Medicine
  • PhD candidate at University of Oxford (2016 onwards)




I am currently doing my PhD at the antiviral drug discovery unit, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford. My main focus is to identify host factors that play a part in dengue viral pathogenesis and the effects of iminosugar treatment. Iminosugars are antivirals that have shown to inhibit dengue viral replication. I am currently looking at the unfolded protein response and oxidative stress in dengue and iminosugar treatment. My previous work included observational studies of NAFLD, stroke and Parkinson disease.




2007 Professor M.T.M. Jiffry Gold Medal for best performance at Final MBBS
2007 Professor Dayasiri Fernando gold medal for best performance in Surgery at Final MBBS
2007 Gold Medal for Clinical Paediatrics for best performance in Paediatric at Final MBBS
2013 John F Stokes gold medal for best performance in MD (Medicine)
2013 P.T. De Silva gold medal for best performance in the clinical component of MD (Medicine)
2014 Dr. E.M. Wijerama award for the best oral presentation at the 47th Annual Academic sessions, CCP, Sri Lanka.
2015 2015 Commonwealth scholarship




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