dr-chandana hewage



Dr.  Chandana Hewage

Dr. Chandana Hewage MBBS,PhD

Senior Lecturer Grade II
Department of Physiology

Telephone - Office : +94 11 2758000 Ext: 4525     Mobile : +94 71 4422326
E-mail : dchewage@yahoo.com



  • D.C. Hewage, K. Wijewardene, G. Lindmark, G. Bohlin. Deficit in inhibitory control is associated with higher behavioural problems among children of Sri Lankan migrant workers. Poster presentation at 6th congress of the Federation of Asian and Oceanian physiological Societies (FAOPS), 15-18th Oct, 2006 at Seoul - Korea.
  • D.C. Hewage, K. Wijewardene, G. Lindmark, G. Bohlin. Do children left behind by Sri Lankan mothers working overseas have poor executive function?, Oral presentation at the 120th annual sessions of Sri Lanka Medical Association 21-24th March 2007
  • D.C. Hewage, K. Wijewardene, G. Lindmark, G. Bohlin. Executive Functions in children of migrant workers - A preliminary results, Poster presentation at the 12th Asia-Pacific Congress of Pediatrics 12-15th March 2007.
  • Hewage, C., Bohlin, G., Wijewardena, K. and Lindmark, G. (2011). Executive functions and child problem behaviors are sensitive to family disruption: a study of children of mothers working overseas. Dev Sci, 14, 18-25.
  • Cognitive functions and their correlates in a group of peri-urban school children
  • The effect of home and school environment on the Prefrontal cortex (PFC) mediated executive functions in a group of school children