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Prof.  Neelika Malavige

Prof. Neelika Malavige MBBS (Col), MRCP (UK), DPhil (Oxon)

Professor in Microbiology
Department of Microbiology

Telephone - Office : +94 11 2758643     Mobile : +94 77 2443193
E-mail :




  • 2017 - Oration and gold medal, Sri Lanka Medical Association
  • 2016 - Oration and gold medal, Allergy and Immunology Society Sri Lanka
  • 2015 - Vice Chancellors award for the best researcher in the University in year 2014
  • 2015 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2014 - P.B. Fernando oration and gold medal, Ceylon College of Physicians
  • 2014 - Zonta Woman of Achievement Award in the field of Medicine
  • 2014 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2013 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2012 - TWAS (Third World Academy of Science) young scientist award in Sri Lanka
  • 2012 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2011 - The Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) award for medical research
  • 2011 - S.C.Paul Oration and gold medal, Sri Lanka Medical Association
  • 2011 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2008 - CVCD Excellence award: most outstanding young researcher in medical sciences
  • 2008 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2007 - H.T.K.Fernando Award from Sri Lanka Medical Association
  • 2007 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2006 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2004 - Commonwealth Scholarship
  • 2004 - S.E. Seneviratne Award, Sri Lanka Medical Association
  • 2002 - Sri Lanka Presidential Research Awards
  • 2002 - Ganeshamoorthy award from College of Anaesthesiologists of Sri Lanka
  • 2000 - The Sir Andrew Caldecott gold medal for the best performance at the Final MBBS
  • 2000 - Joseph Nalliah Arumugam Memorial Award for the best performance at the final MBBS
  • 2000 - Dr. Alaric Jayasinghe Memorial Gold medal in Paediatrics
  • 2000 - Dr. M.V.P. Peris award for surgery- College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka
  • 2000 - Gold Medal on Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Sri Lanka College of Anaeshtesiologists





Funding Body Topic Amount
NIH, USA Investigation of the role of innate like lymphoid cells in acute dengue: Co-PI (2016-2018) US5,000
National Science Foundation Identification of the true burden and associated complications of dengue and related viral infections in Sri Lanka and finding long lasting solutions, through in depth understanding of the pathogenesis for development of therapeutic targets : PI (2017-2020) 20 million for 2017 (3,333)
National Science Foundation Investigation of functionality and phenotype of T cell responses in dengue infection (2016-2018) PI LKR 6.2 million
National Science Foundation Validation of T cell based assay for determining past dengue serotype (2015-2017) PI LKR 4.76 million
($ 31,733.33)
National Research Council Investigation of the role of dengue NS1 in the pathogenesis of dengue (2015-2018) PI LKR 4.16 million
($ 27,733.33)
National Science Foundation Investigation of factors that lead to vascular leak in dengue. PI (2014-2016) PI LKR 4.1 million
($ 27,333.33)
National Science Foundation Determining correlates of a protective immune response in dengue infection. PI (2012-2014) LKR 5.37 million
($ 35,800)
International Society of Infectious Diseases Identification of a serum biomarker for predicting severe disease in patients with dengue infection. PI (2010-2012) $ 6000
National Research Council Sri Lanka Investigation of immune responses to the dengue virus. PI (2010-2013) LKR 1.29 million
National Science Foundation of Sri Lanka Identifying biomarkers for predicting severe disease in dengue infections. PI (2010-2012) LKR 1.3 million
University Research Grant Investigation of the role of Staphylococcus superantigens in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis (2010-2012) LKR 0.25 million
IRQUE University Grant Molecular characterization of the Varicella zoster virus LKR 0.15 million





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My areas of interests: Pathogenesis of vascular leak in dengue, Correlates of a protective immune response, microbiome.