Prof.  Indrakumar

Prof. Indrakumar

Senior Professor
Department of Medicine

Telephone - Office : +94 11 2758000 Ext: 4300     
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  • Tamil book titled "Iruthayaneya walkaiku oru walikatti" (A guide to a heart friendly life) 2009
  • Extended Matching Questions for Medical Students - a new format MCQ introduced to the new Medical Curriculum of FMS USJP, 2009
  • ECG Problems for medical students - A problem based ECG learning for medical students and junior doctors. 2009
  • Guidelines on Management of Lipid disorders in Sri Lanka - I was the Project coordinator, co author and co-editor. 2005




  • Co-Editor of Journal published for Annual Academic Sessions of the Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Sri Jayewardenepura. 28th, 29th July 2000.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of the Ceylon College of Physicians during 2006-2009




  • Planning, designing, script writing, acting/demonstrating and editing - Teaching video on "Examination of the Cardiovascular system" in 2004.
  • Designed/Constructed a lesson on "Chest Pain in General Practice" for Distance Education Programme for the Diploma in Family Medicine.




  • General internal Medicine with a special interest in Cardiovascular Medicine




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Local Presentations

  1. Pseudocushings : Disease, nondisease or nonsense? J Indrakumar, D J S Fernando SLMA academic sessions March 20-24 1996
  2. The use of lower molecular weight heparin in haemodialysis. J. Indrakumar, M I Mujaheith, S. Rajapaksa, Wijaya Ransi. Ceylon College of Physicians annual academic sessions 1996. Won Wijerama award for best paper.
  3. Pre hospital and early hospital delays in the Management of ST elevation Myocardial infarction (STEMI); An observational study. A S Dissanayake, J Indrakumar, M Dedigama, S D Jyaratne. Ceylon College of Physicians annual academic sessions 2005
  4. Carotid artery disease in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting(CABG). E S Wijewickrema, J Indrakumar. Sri Lanka Medical Association academic sessions 2006
  5. Relation of blood groups to dengue haemorrhagic fever susceptibility. C J P Ponnamperuma, N Wijesuriya, J Indrakumar, S C P Ratnayake, D J S Fernando. Sri Lanka Medical Association academic sessions 2002.
  6. Calcium channel blockers causing lower limb oedema. Is it common? J Indrakumar, C J S Jayamaha, C A A Hewamadduma, N M W de Alwis, N Weerasooriya, C Jayawarne, K Edirisinghe. Sri Lanka Medical Association academic sessions 2002.
  7. An Unusual Presentation of a case of Thrombocytopenic Purpura. Kariyawasam CC, Indrakumar J, Wijesiriwardena IS. 25th annivasary academic sessions Postgraduate institute of Medicine
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  12. Myocardial perfusion with streptokinase: ninety minute ECG for ST resolution. Gurugama N P, Matthias T, Kandeepan T, Indrakumar. J, Gunatillake S B. Poster Presentation, Sri Lanka Medical Association 124th annual academic sessions June 2011.
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  14. Perception on medical professionalism among final year medical students. Pathirana A U, Iyashwarya M V, Ranasinghe I R, Wickramanayaka, G E, Indrakumar J. Poster presentation. Annual Scientific sessions 2012 Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayawardenapura.


International Presentations

  1. Left atrial appendage visualization using tissue harmonic imaging. M Norton, J Schuster, T Zaglavara, B Cumberledge, C Cummins, C Plummer, J Indrakumar, A Kenny. Cardiology Department Freemen Hospital Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. British Society of Echocardiography. 8th annual and scientific meeting October 1999 (poster presentation)
  2. Electrocardiogram of the apprentice professional soccer player. Association of North of England Physicians of Region 1. July 1999 J Indrakumar, M Norton, T Zaglavara, T Irvin, C Plummer, A Kenny
  3. Ventricular wall thickness and harmonic imaging. M Norton, T. Irvine, C.Cummins, J Scuster. B. Cumberledge. T. Zaglavara, J Indrakumar, A Kenny
  4. Harmonic imaging improves inter-observer agreement during stress Echocardiography. M Norton, T. Irvine, C. Cummins, J. Scuster. B. Cumberledge. T. Zaglavara, J Indrakumar, A Kenny