Ehipassiko-Come and See / ඒහි පස්සිකෝ-එන්න දකින්න

The first episode of Ehipassiko/ ඒහි පස්සිකෝ, a discussion based on the current social issues in association with Buddhism organized by the Buddhist Society of Faculty of Medical Sciences, was successfully held on 5th of April 2021 at Faculty premises. The discussion was based on how Buddhism has thought about the protection of the environment and current health issues due to environmental pollution.

Under the theme of "Environment looking for breath", Ven. Meegoda Sukitha thero from Bambalapitiya Sri Wajiramaya Temple, Dr. Sajith Edirisinghe from Department of Anatomy,  Faculty of Medical Sciences, and Dr. Aruna Padmaperuma from Department of Zoology, University of Colombo participated as resource persons.

The discussion was held in 3 rounds and students had the opportunity to discuss their questions related to environment and Buddhism and get them clarified. The medical students from 30th to the 25th batch participated in the event.