Donation of Low-Cost Reusable Face Shields to Fight Against COVID19

Low-cost reusable face shields were designed by Dr. Sajith Edirisinghe, Lecturer, Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura for the protection of health care workers from accidental exposure to COVID 19 infectious hazardous fluids when communicating with the patient and obtaining biological samples. This product was supported by Mr. Konara. M. Dayarathne, proprietor of the Sarasavi Communication, Gangodawilla, Nugegoda.

These face shields were donated to National Hospital of Sri Lanka, Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital, Colombo East Base Hospital, Air Force Hospital - Rathmalana, Army Hospital Narahempita, Base Hospital - Panadura, General Hospital - Rathnapura, Central dispensary - Karawanalla, JMO office - Colombo, MOH office Seeduwa, General Hospital Rathnapura, Base Hospital Homagama, Institute of Cardiology NHSL, National STD/AIDS Control Programme and many more hospitals islandwide.

These shields are reusable. The transparent sheath used for this product is resistant to disinfection solution (TCL or Alcohol-based disinfection solution). Also, the upper end of the shield is composed of a chemical-resistant rubber material. This helps to provide a space between the face and the shield. Therefore a surgical mask and spectacles can be worn beneath the shield without any difficulty. Most importantly the refraction of light is very minimum since the thickness of the sheet is less than 100 micron. Therefore there are no visual difficulties while wearing the shield. Since the shield can be reused over and over again the accumulation of plastic and polythene to the environment is minimal. Therefore it is an eco-friendly product compared to single-use plastic face shields. The head strap is made out of elastic or ribbon with a locking mechanism. Therefore the shield is adjustable to the head circumference according to the user.

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