To facilitate the submission process and the subsequent follow up process, please consider the following guidelines, information, tips, and deadlines mentioned.

Medical undergraduates should adhere to the following guidelines when submitting abstracts.

Please use the online abstract submission tool to submit your abstract. Tool will be available from 15th December 2019 to 15th February 2020.





The number of words is limited to 300 excluding the title, authors, affiliations and acknowledgement. Your submission should be in English.

The title of the abstract should be brief but adequately descriptive

The body of the abstract should be organised as outlined below. You must include the underlined words in the body of your abstract.

Background : A brief description of the study.
Objectives : A statement of the purpose of the study.
Methods : A brief description of the study design.
Results : A summary of the results presented in sufficient detail to support the conclusion. Data must be presented in the abstract. Statements such as "the results will be presented" or "other data will be presented to support...." will result in automatic rejection of the abstract.
Conclusions : A statement of the conclusions based on the data presented.
Key words: Three key words that would reflect the study

Authors should be listed using the entire surname followed by initial(s). Omit titles, degrees, and academic appointments and do not separate initials with punctuation e.g. Perera MP

The affiliation must comprise ONLY department name, institution and country.

Please ensure that abstracts do not include graphs, tables, figures, diagrams or references.
Use only standard abbreviations.

The author/s should take the responsibility for the research work and the contents reported in the abstract.

Where relevant, research studies should be supported by a scanned copy of a letter granting approval from an acceptable Ethical Review Committee (ERC).

If the work has been previously presented or published, in whole or in part, this should be stated clearly. This does not disqualify a paper.


Abstracts submitted after 15th of February 2020 will not be considered for review.

Abstracts not conforming to the above instructions will be rejected. Accepted abstracts will be published after editing in the abstracts book.

If you do not get an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the abstract (within 24 hours) or have problems with using the tool please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





  1. Your abstract will undergo a double blind peer review by the international scientific committee within two to three weeks after its receipt.
  2. Results of the abstract review will be sent to the author within two weeks of submission.
  3. The Conference Chair serves as the head of the scientific committee and will take the final decision on abstracts.
  4. Acceptance or rejections of the paper will be sent to you with reviewer comments.
  5. If revision is required, the revised abstract must be sent back within a week.
  6. If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to register for the Conference in March 2020
  7. The corresponding author of international applications will be notified on the 10th of February and corresponding authors of local applications will be notified on the 15th of February 2020


ORAL PRESENTATIONS : Each paper will be allowed only 8 minutes for presentation with 2 minutes for discussion. Multimedia facilities will be made available.

POSTER PRESENTATIONS : Details will be available later.