Jazmin Hawes, Medical Student from Australia.

A Month in Sri Lanka - My Amazing Elective Experience!
My elective in Sri Lanka was unquestionably amazing. I absolutely loved it! I was placed at Colombo South Teaching Hospital, a hospital about 15 minutes south of Colombo city. There were the most amazing registrars and interns looking after me on the wards, and some very kind and knowledgeable consultants.
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Natalie Chilko, Final Year Student, Deakin University, Australia.

"I really enjoyed the clinical exposure at Colombo South Teaching Hospital and think that General Medicine is a good rotation for foreign students."



A medical student (from UK) who spent 6 weeks at Medicine unit at Colombo South Teaching Hospital had this to say.

"Very enjoyable elective. Have learned more in last 6 weeks than I have learned in the last 6 months in the medical school in the UK. Incredible range of clinical signs and learning experience. Very grateful and thankful."



A medical student (from UK) who stayed 3 weeks learning medicine in September 2015 said,

"This is an excellent opportunity to improve my clinical skills & see many signs which are uncommon in the UK. Thank you."



Sarah Haputhantri, Vitebsk State Medical University

"Having the opportunity to scrub in on multiple surgeries, learn from experienced surgeons and doctors, working at role in their treatment and care. The entire experience was enjoyable."



When asked

What did you enjoy the most during your stay in Sri Lanka?

Several students had the followings to say.

"the people are extremely friendly and welcoming"
"wonderful country with friendly people"
"enjoyed food, weather and helpful friendly people"
"beautiful country, beaches & travelling"
"exploring the beautiful coastline & Hill country"


What did you enjoy the most during your elective appointment at CSTH?

Several students had the followings to say.

"The opportunity to examine patients and exposure to rare diseases. Support for translation by local medical students and classes by doctors."
"Range of clinical presentations, clinical signs not seen in the UK"
"lots of different interesting diseases not seen in the UK"
"opportunities to develop my clinical examination skills, seeing tropical medicine"