Department of Anatomy DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY
Department of Biochemistry DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY
Department of community medicine DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY MEDICINE
Department of family medicine DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY MEDICINE
Department of forensic medicine DEPARTMENT OF FORENSIC MEDICINE
Department of immunology and molecular medicine DEPARTMENT OF IMMUNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE
Department of medical education DEPARTMENT OF MEDICAL EDUCATION
Department of medicine DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE
Department of microbiology DEPARTMENT OF MICROBIOLOGY
Department of obstetrics and gynaecology DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS & GYNAECOLOGY
Department of paediatrics DEPARTMENT OF PAEDIATRICS
Department of parasitology DEPARTMENT OF PARASITOLOGY
Department of pathology DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY
Department of pharmacology DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY
Department of physiology DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY
Department of psychiatry DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHIATRY
Department of surgery DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY


information technology unit INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY UNIT
clinical skills laboratory CLINICAL SKILLS LABORATORY
language and communication unit LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS UNIT
animal house ANIMAL HOUSE